We Miss It, Too: A message to our FlightTrack Pro users


With the launch of FlightTrack 5 today, some of you expressed surprise about the new app’s lack of a TripIt integration feature. We share your frustration. Although we built and tested TripIt integration during FlightTrack 5’s development, we have not been given the necessary permission to enable this feature in the app. As a result, we are exploring our options and considering alternatives so that you can continue to easily import flights into the app.

We want to reassure you that prior versions of FlightTrack Pro continue to sync with TripIt. If you already removed FlightTrack Pro from your device, please refer to our iOS and Android support pages for help restoring your purchases. As soon as we are able to integrate a solution in FlightTrack 5, we will be in touch.

At Mobiata, we strive to build the most useful and beautiful travel apps in the world, and as always, we are hard at work ensuring that FlightTrack remains the indispensable tool that you expect.

Safe travels,

User Happiness Lead

Please continue to share your feedback:
Android email: FlightTrack-Android@mobiata.com
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch email: FlightTrack-iOS@mobiata.com

Nov 21, 2021 POSTED BY Heidi