2010 Recap

Wow. We were reminiscing about the crazy year we’ve had as we digest our holiday meals and figure out what to do for New Year’s Eve. We decided to make a list of all the apps we launched this past year on a scrap of paper and it‘s not a bad list. We actually needed two scraps of paper. Of course, this doesn’t take into account all countless improvements we‘ve made on our existing apps as well.

Here’s what we released in 2010:


March - FlightTrack for BlackBerry

April - FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro for iPad

May - StayHIP for iPhone and Android

June - FlightTrack for Palm webOS

July - HotelPal for Android

August - HomeAway for iPhone

August - FareCompare for iPhone

October - FlightBoard for iPhone and iPad

November - FlightTrack 4 for iPhone and Android


We can’t wait to show you all amazing things we’re planning for 2011.

Thanks for helping make this an amazing year!

Dec 30, 2021 POSTED BY Ben